The Adventures of Indy Andy

Thursday, November 13, 2003

The Darkness 

Only three weeks to go. Yay! That's only 21 days....only 504 hours....only 30240 minutes....only(etc, etc,etc)

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

I'm right clever, me 

Are you as clever as you think you are? Find out by taking this test. I scored 29 out of 30, which apparently puts me in the 99th percentile for everyone who has taken it. So either I really am clever, or everyone else is really thick.

Why bother? 

I have a weakness. OK, so I have many weaknesses. A particular weakness of mine, however, is collecting records. My wife doesn't get this at all. She's happy for me to buy all the records by my favourite artists, but she doesn't understand why I have to buy them on every available format, or why I get so excited by the words 'Limited Edition', 'Coloured Vinyl', or 'Picture Disk'.
I've recently discovered a great web site which specialises in selling rare and collectable music paraphenalia. I got really excited by something I saw there the other day, and showed my wife. Her response was "What does it matter how much it's worth? It's not as if you're ever going to sell it."
This got me thinking. Why am I so proud of my music collection? Why do I have to own every piece of music a band has ever released? And perhaps most important of all, why do I like to keep an eye on what these things are worth?
The answer lies in the fact that all the bands I'm into I have discovered off my own back. I've never been one to follow musical trends, and I like the feeling of satisfaction and vindication I get seeing other people are into the same thing. Take The Wildhearts for example. I've been a huge fan ever since I heard 'Liberty Cap' on their first EP. Not many people have ever heard of them, so when I see one of their records selling for £50, it makes me feel like I'm part of an exclusive club.
I'm sure this must say something about my life, how I'm an outsider who longs to fit in or something, but I'm not going to look into it that deeply, I'm just going to carry on enjoying my collection, and my wife will carry on wondering.

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Happiness is...a hot bath 

After over a month of having to endure luke warm (at best) baths and showers, we've finally got our boiler fixed, so now I can once again fully relax in a nice piping hot bath.
I spent about 2 hours in it yesterday, and I emerged more relaxed than I've been for weeks, not to mention more wrinkled than Mother Theresa!

Saturday, November 01, 2003

Speed Freak 

Michael Schumacher eat your heart out. Today I went Go Karting at the Indoor Karting Centre, located next to Bournemouth International Airport. The event was organised by the accounts department of Bournemouth University, where my wife works.
Each driver had a 5 lap warm up, followed by five 6 lap heats. After the heats came the quater finals, over 8 laps, although as there were only 17 of us racing we all automatically qualified. I won all but one of my heats, and won the next round too. After this were the 10 lap semis, which I won fairly comfortably, which put me second on the grid for the final.
I had a bit of a poor start in the final, and Matt, who qualified third, put in a good move to overtake me in the first bend. I managed to get past him on about the third lap, and then overtook the leader, Russel, in the same spot on the following lap. I managed to stay in the lead until two laps from the end, and then Matt snuck through when I got stuck behind a back marker. As hard as I tried, I couldn't catch Matt again, so had to settle for second.
Still, I'm more than happy with the result, especially as I was only there as a guest, and I still got a nice trophy to put on display. If you've never been Karting before, than what are you waiting for? It really is top fun.

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